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Player - Bert Van den Wyngaert

Name - Dokisha


picture by Pieter Vanhaecke

Clan - Nosferatu

Age - Unknown.

Location - Antwerp, Belgium. But he is not averse to travel.

Specialties - Medicine in various shapes and forms.

Titles - Hierophant of Antwerpen - Assistant of the commisioner

Brief history - Dokisha is British but was born and raised in Japan.

A young surgeon, hematologist and toxicologist and long term friend of Kayoko Hamasaki (whom he's known and been friends with for most of his life, mortal and unlife alike) and her sire Jack Waterhouse. He's not well known for his Cruac skills (altho he has some), often leaving magic to the other members of the Crone, but excels in the creation of various poisons and potions with ranging effects. Blood (be it Kindred or other) has very little secrets for him anymore and he continouisly makes efforts towards curing mortal diseases of the blood like leukemia.

He's known to have found a cure for the strain of influenza nearly killing off the entire mortal population of Antwerp.

He usually masks his appearance to hide his deformities, which is a greenish skin and 6 horns potruding from his chin, cheekbones and forehead, making him resemble a lizardman from old Japanese legends.

Currently he leads the Crone in Antwerp, in the position of Hierophant. He is also a member of the Council of Crones of the Low Lands.

Additional Rumours and Stories

  • Dokisa is rumored to be the lover of Ligardis
  • It is rumored by some that Dokisha is a childe of Prof. Dr. W. B. Campbell
  • Dokisha is rumored to have created The strain of influenza himself
  • Dokisha's glasses are in fact magical. They allow him to see the use of magic and leylines. Amongst other things.
  • He is in fact planning to claim Praxis.
  • He has created a gigantic tapestry in honour of the Crone.

Others about Dokisha

  • Marcel Vanerum of the Lancea Sanctum Limburg: "Em lijkt vriendelijk en beleefd genoeg, ma mijn vader zaliger zei altijd: onder een zijden zakdoek kunt ge ook een mes verstoppen." (Translation: "He seems friendly and polite enough, but my late father always said: under a silk handkerchief you can hide a knife as well.")
  • Hendrik Buckinkx, Nosferatu of the Carthian Movement: "Enigmatic, unknowable. But I think I got a glimpse of who Dokisha really is. He's kind and loyal, but also strong and merciless when he needs to be."
  • Lady Kayoko Hamasaki, Circle of the Crone: Dokisha is my best friend. Should harm befall him, I will personally hunt down the one responsible and make them regret the day they were born.
  • Ophelia Schwartz, nomad Crone: Dokisha is a wise and kind man, and it saddens me to see that seems to have to waste his many talents on cleaning other's people's mess. The curse of the compentent... One thing is certain, to me he will always be Hierarch of the Loww Lands, he's a true leader.
  • Imanuel: "Fucking scary but he's kind of nice to me, which is either very polite or very something else. He also does this strange eyebrow-thingy, which is very annoying but hey, could be a lot worse. He's not involved with me, let's keep it that way."
  • Bert Stassen: "He plays the role of the Father very well, but he should stop playing and start being."
  • Amelia Blueregard: I can definitely see why my sire thinks so highly of him, he is a true leader and wise man.

Contact Info

Bert Van den Wyngaert

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